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[10 Apr 2005|10:56pm]
This place has always been nicer to me. Livejournal is dead, I am dying, but I feel the need to post. Yearbook is finally over - sort of. I'm planning on joining the Frisbee Team (& how thrilling - there's an all girls team!) This week 3rd quarter ends & hopefully I'll feel some sort of release from schoolwork - I've been trying to catch up the past week - okay take that back, past three days. It's a pain - procrastination does you no good. I want my milkshake celebration for Yearbook to happen soon & other things like Senior Trip, Prom, & Graduation to be organized already. Last week the weather was beautiful & after class was over, I always had a good time. ELITE THEORY. This dude keeps wanting to cuddle with me but I CAN'T & DON'T WANNA. This weekend was partly lame, actually no - it was good & relaxing. Friday I had a long, drawn out meeting with my parents about college & money. Two not very exciting things but I got to play with my Fresh Princess so I had a good time. Saturday I spent with my mother cleaning & errands then five hours on the phone with my love. Phone calls like that remind me of middle school, I like it. I miss him. I want him home. & today I worked on some things like homework & stuff. Then I headed off to Oasis with two fine bitchesCollapse )

CxLx A x M x: he likes you
HAWAIINBBY: he doesn't
HAWAIINBBY: I think he is just bored
CxLx A x M x: word. or he just wants some blowjobs
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